Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I have a space to share inside me...

Love, like most things in life, is a choice you make. It's an intimate choice; your decision is based upon your navigations of those secret maps of your life, the maps that sketchily chalk out the route to your being, the maps that say: This is what I am. I want you to know me like none before.

Most people are not good at cartography. But they are all compulsive travellers. It's not easy to leave the land you know and set sail for the unknown. There's too much at stake. Your life, for instance, with all its familiar contours, that you are so used to. Those secret maps that have taken you years to draw up...But then, that's probably why each new discovery is so exhilarating, each turn gone wrong, such a disaster. That's probably why you are willing to burn for it.

What is it that compels a person to decide that this is the one who has earned the right to travel my soul with me? What is it that makes you want to re-arrange your entire life to fit in to the life to come? The life of the we as opposed to the life of the I? What is it that helps you unlock those shutters and strip your inner life threadbare in the hope that he/she will do the same for you?

Oh yes, I know all the arguments that you'll throw back at me. Attraction and the whole primal instinct jargon. True, you can not ignore the body. Not when it is calling out to you so urgently. Begging you to read the secret codes of passion. Besides, what else can be more personal than surrendering your most intimate to the one you love?

Love. We come back to that again. And here your passion comes full circle. The choice between accepting that you are irretrievably lost in another realm and the realisation that this virgin land is what you had dared to hope for. The choice of giving in, not because logic has failed you, but because your logic tells you that this is the only thing to do.

Love, like all choices, is a matter of moments.

The moment it takes for you to decide that no space of yours is safe from this one person.


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