Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Cause we're moving on and we can't slow down and these memories are playing like a film without sound

My friend Sunshine has a funny way of putting things. The last time she called me, she said, " But why is it that my happiness has to be qualified? Why can't I be just happy without a reason? Like we used to be earlier.''
Why indeed?
A long, long time ago, in another time and another life, I used to believe that all relationships are for keeps, and you needed to be really careful when you chose your friends, because you just couldn't lose them ( families, of course, happened to you, so there's nothing much one could do there really!) And so I grew up with a bunch of closely-knit people, I loved calling friends. It wasn't ideal by any means. We squabbled and fought, and held secrets from each other. But we knew deep down it was a phase. And we held on. Fast. Through the good times. And the bad times. And all the times in between. True, there were those who drifted apart. But it wasn't a goodbye, if you know what I mean. People phased out, caught up in their lives. It wasn't quite moving on as much as a moving ahead. You needed space. You got it. Simple.
And then this new city happened. As did new people. Acquaintances. Friends. Companions. I can't remember when I stopped believing friends are forever. But I guess, somewhere deep down I knew, running through days on end, that all fairy tales have a twist in the tale...
It's funny, this moving on. Because I have never quite figured out where to begin and where to stop. And what's funnier still is the fact, that on the way, you never quite pause to meet. You just keep running on and on. And away.
Happiness needs qualifiers. Because wisdom is not always happy...


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