Thursday, July 13, 2006

Did you ever wonder where the story ends, And how it all began...

It's one of those days today when you want to stay at home, curled up in bed with the music system playing those old, faraway songs, that you haven't listened to in the longest time. One of those days when you feel so alive that you think your heart will burst with so much love to give. One of those days when you know you can reach out and touch eternity...

Sadly, you have got work to do, and sadder still, a living to earn. So, even as my mind races along with a zillion happy possibilities, I sit at my computer, staring in dead earnest, at the copy that I am supposed to edit.

Are you not afraid to tell your story now
When everyone is done, it's too late
(Too late, too late)
Was everything you've ever said or done
Not the way you planned,
A mistake?
So you promised that tomorrow
Will be different than today...

Today is a new day. Another day in hand...


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