Saturday, August 12, 2006

It's all about the money, Da da dum dum, da da dum dum

Went on a brief sojourn to the city of lakes. I went on work actually, but it turned out that the work bit was incidental. So, enjoyed a lavish, rain-soaked mid-week break in the lap of luxury. There's something to be said for wealth. It makes life look like a gooey chocolate cake. Sinful, tempting and impossible to resist. But tell you what, all the time I was there I was happiest when I went for the boat-ride in the middle of a drizzle, or the time when I was wandering around town looking at the curio shops, bargaining for sandals and trying to glean as much folk-lore about the place as I could. For the rest of the time I was missing my parents and certain people so badly, that I was wondering whether I have a serious miss-you-at-all-odd-hours disorder. Otherwise why in the wide world would I miss them so insistently when I was revelling in such heady opulence?

I am telling you, there's something seriously wrong with the way my nervous system functions!


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