Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Would you be happier?

I like contemplating growth (or the lack of it). But if you ask my flatmate of three years, Fish, she'd probably tell you that it's my fetish for tabulating things which I find more compelling. (I admit, I am a bit of an organisational freak, but let me also tell you that Fish is in the habit of exaggerating things quite a lot. I mean, what's the big deal in writing the exact order of chores that you want to do the next day, or a list of things that you need to buy when you go out to the market, or...well, you get the drift!)

But, to get back to the point, this post is about the exponential expression of the assumed wisdom. So here goes...

1. That letting yourself love someone is easier than what I thought it to be.

2. That old friends don't change colours.

3. That I can lie awake all night, then go to work the next day and still be happy and cheerful.

4. That when you are holding someone really close, if you are still enough, you can hear your hearts beat in unison.

5. That sometimes words don't say much. It's just a means to keep the conversation going.

6. That I should probably get the hair cut that I have been planning for the last eight months.

7. That sometimes all it takes is a bit of sunshine to make me ridiculously happy.

8. That the day I learn to save, will be the day the world witnesses another miracle.

9. That I don't like doing things half-way. I need to do a job well. Period.

10. That all said and done I can be so lazy sometimes that I amaze myself.

11. That I can be mistaken where I am convinced I cannot be.

12. That I need a new cell phone badly.

13. That I am more impatient than I ever knew.

14. That I am as fortunate as fortunate can be.

15. That if you reach out you'll always find me. Well, mostly.

16. That sometimes people, including me, do not see the obvious.

17. That communication can often be at cross-purposes.

18. That sometimes I have to let go of a bit of my composure to assure people of my affections.

19. That I am more often than not, disastrous with expressing my emotions.

20. But. Obviously.

21. That I am pathologically attached to all things old.

22. It's a compulsive disorder.

23. That all you need to do to soothe me is to hold my hand.

24. That a lot of my time, everyday, is spent in meaningless exercises such as this.

There, I have said it now. This appraisal is a closed chapter.


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