Monday, May 28, 2007

In which I demonstrate my dismal knowledge of the sciences

Q. How long does it take to get by a day?

A. 24 hours. It's a ridiculously easy calculation.
(I wonder. Why does time hang so heavy then?)

Q. How do you define sight?

A. Light is reflected in to the eyes by any object coming within your field of vision. That is how one sees things.
(Are you sure? Why do I seem to see you everywhere then? Even when we are apart?)

Q. Will you be able to hear me whenever I call?

A. That depends. Sound waves travel to about 340 metres in a second. So if the distance between you and me is too much I won't.
(Don't lie. I called out to you last night and you weren't even around. You heard.)

Q. How far can one travel in 2 days?

A. Halfway across the world. Easily.
(Really? But I thought home was so much closer.)

Q. What is the measure of love?

A. Irrelevant question. Next?

Sigh! No wonder my parents never dreamt of a career in medicine or engineering for me...



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toke ar manini ke duto aina debo. ar toder 1st year er ba Class 12 er ekta recorded cassette. abak prithibi !!


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